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Testimonials - Partners in Bleeding Disorders Education
Wed, Feb 21 2024


The Partners live events are a valuable resource for the HTC community. Here’s what attendees are saying about these programs.

"Great program. Very helpful."

"Best training I have received."

"This was great! All will be integrated into future presentations."

"I felt amazingly safe and learned a lot in a short period of time."

"Partners truly has listened to the needs and desires of the HTC network."

"It was awesome! This is one of the most helpful workshops I have attended."

"Great program!! Exceeded my expectations. Very supportive learning environment."

"Being more confident in my knowledge base will enable me to practice more confidently."

"I am now more comfortable teaching patients and their families regarding bleeding disorders."

"I'm taking back several ideas for improvement and a renewed sense of motivation and enthusiasm."

"Opportunities such as this are wonderful to refresh knowledge and renew confidence in your practice."

"Very practical tools to help every aspect of creating a talk, managing anxiety, and delivering a presentation."

"I feel like a much more confident and educated hemophilia nurse. This will allow me to improve my practice/care for my patients."

"I always gain a tremendous amount of clinical ideas, experiences, and organizing at Partners! - 2016 Presentation Skills Workshop participant"

"I LOVE Partners! So fortunate to have picked a specialty that has so much support and collaboration. - 2020 Advanced Nursing Topics II participant"

"Thank you for allowing me to attend. I found this very helpful and know it will assist me in improving my skills and most of all confidence level."

"I loved the specifics the instructor gave us to improve our speaking skills. This far exceeded my expectations. I am taking away skills I will begin using tomorrow."

"I learned about so many new tools and the new knowledge acquired from this meeting will help me to be a better provider. - 2020 Advanced Nursing Topics II participant"

"The Presentation Skills Workshop was an excellent opportunity to work on my baseline presentation skills as well as learn a new skill set. So often you go about doing the same thing without having any idea if you are effective or how to improve. This Workshop offered me opportunities to hone the skills I already had as well as learn ways to improve my "style". I felt so much better about my abilities after I left. It was the best two days I could have spent on myself."

"I would recommend the Presentation workshop to anyone who would like to feel more comfortable presenting, getting some fresh ideas on how to talk in front of a group, and getting practice doing so at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and the location was the best! It is always wonderful to network with our fellow bleeding disorder associates as well. Thanks so much for allowing me the opportunity to attend and I hope to be able to go again in the future!."

"I was impressed with the workshop because it contained a lot of helpful practical advice that addressed the process from beginning to end. There was also a significant amount of individual involvement that engaged you in applying the advice and techniques in a supportive atmosphere. I didn't know what to expect but I came away feeling that I had information and knowledge that could improve my abilities as a presenter. The two presentations I have done since the program I think benefited from my attendance. My advice is go if you can!"