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ANCC Hemostasis Nursing Certification - Partners in Bleeding Disorders Education
Sat, Sep 22 2018

Become Board Certified!

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) has developed a board certification program for hemostasis nurses.
The certification is earned through a portfolio review, a new assessment methodology to achieve ANCC board certification that requires no examination.
Partners in Bleeding Disorders Education supported and assisted the ANCC and its collaborative partner, the American Thrombosis and Hemostasis Network, in developing the Hemostasis Nursing Certification Through Portfolio program.
The ANCC Hemostasis Nursing board certification program provides a reliable and valid assessment of the clinical knowledge and skills of registered nurses in the hemostasis nursing specialty after RN licensure.

Nurses are assessed by peers in their specialty area in four domains:

  1. Professional Development
  2. Professional and Ethical Nursing Practice
  3. Team Work and Collaboration
  4. Quality and Safety
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Watch the ANCC’s helpful video on Certification Through Portfolio

More Questions?

If you have any questions about submitting a portfolio, you may email anccportfolio@ana.org or you may contact ANCC’s Sr. Certification Program Specialist, Lourdes Careaga:

Partners Subsidy

Partners in Bleeding Disorders Education will reimburse a significant portion of the application fee of successful candidates working with patients with bleeding disorders and employed at a federally recognized Hemophilia Treatment Center.

Click here to view the policy algorithm. To apply for the subsidy, please fill out the online application form and email your proof of certification to Natalie Duncan, MPH, at nduncan@ihtc.org.